Montana Tech is the home of the 2018 TeamOredigger, on its way to the 2018 NASA Robotic Mining Competition. This team is made up of students at Montana Tech from Metallurgical, Software, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering plus others.

The team is having a heck of a lot of fun designing and building. In May you can watch them dig our way against about 40 other universities.

The basic competition is to move Martian simulant called rigolith from one end of the arena to the other using a robot. The robot can be no larger than 1.5×0.75×0.75m and weigh no more than 80kg.

In previous years TeamOredigger has done very well as far as the competition is concerned. Currently the team is working on making a lighter frame, automating the entire system and improving the paper submissions. With these three improvements the team will be a major contender at the 2018 competition.

You can watch the robot compete in last years competition here.

The team is led by Tyler Holliday, a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. The team is mentored and advised by Dr. Bryce Hill, an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering.